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"Working with Robbie has been fantastic because it's not been like working with someone who's an outside consultant, it has been like working with someone who's part of the team, that we trust. It's been amazing having somebody that you don't have to give constant direction to. You don't have to feel like you need to look over everything he's doing, as it's just high level competence, high level capability"

"Robbie came in and got to know us, got to know what's important to us, important to the company, helped to define our voice, and he's doing a great job with everything that he's been putting out for us so we're very happy.

He makes it super easy for us to work with him"

"Robbie has been amazing at having the courage to be able to step in and let us know when he doesn't agree with something and he thinks that we can do something in a different way or we can do something better, and even though sometimes that goes against maybe what we've stated or what we've put out there. He's always pushing us to do things better, to think about things from a different way. And to get ourselves out of the box that we sometimes put ourselves in. And that's, to me, I think that's an absolute essential part of why this relationship works so well, because if it was just somebody who did everything that we directed them to do.

Are we gonna come up with the best product? Are we going to come out with the best results in this?

So being able to really trust his experience, his expertise, and to be someone who's not afraid to say hey look, let's take it in a slightly different direction. That's just great!"

Mindi & Jeff Caselden | founders | Caselden Consulting


Website design, Social media presence, Content creation & Brand development

Produced inhouse


Social media posting, Youtube thumbs, Event notifications

Produced inhouse


Web series, Event footage, Educational pieces, Social shorts

Produced & Directed inhouse from storyboard to editing to final cut

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