Tired of being told to think outside the box,

we created our own, our                   .

Let's Create & Build Your Brand.


Wondering what it's like to work with us?

This recommendation details what it's like to join the NEWBOX family.

And we mean family, your brand is as important to us, as it is to you.

                   prioritizes the needs of each client, striving to help you find your creative voice through a variety of services - website design, social profile and content creation as well as other branded materials (i.e. logos, brochures, presentations).

Our sites are designed with everyone in mind, utilising the Wix platform, ensuring that all of our clients (techies and technophobes alike) can enjoy and most importantly understand the process of getting online.


We have an ethos & culture designed by thinkers and makers, specifically to ensure that your brand is smack in the centre of everything we do.

Robbie Caffrey NEWBOX
Robbie Caffrey NEWBOX

Robbie Caffrey

Founder | Creator | Brand Architect

I'm an experienced strategic thinker with strong project management and client interaction focus, having spent a large portion of my career working as a Recruitment Manager for large multinational clients, managing onsite relationships within key clients such as Microsoft and HP.

As part of this role, I became a Social Media Trainer for the company, utilising my educational and professional experience in a new and exciting passion project.

The seeds of                     were planted.

For more information, connect with me: robbie@newbox.ie

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